About Me

I have a BS in Computer Science from Rowan University, class of 2017, where I focused in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. (I also have an Associate of the Arts in Music, and play guitar and mandolin.)

Currently in my day job, I administrate an AWS account, manage dozens of Linux servers, maintain and troubleshoot PHP websites and applications, and design websites and RESTful APIs in AWS Lambda using Python, often utilizing Django, Flask, and the Serverless Framework.

In my downtime I try to make Raspberry Pis automate various things, like warn me when its too cold to leave cacti outdoors, make drinks, randomly generate Bach-style chorals, or monitor my hydroponics setup.

About this website

Tech stack:

  • Static site generated with Hugo, using the Hugo Coder theme, with some minor tweaking.
  • Hosted in an S3 bucket on AWS.

Thanks for reading!